• January 17, 2019 FEVER, Tokyo

    nijinohoshi11 “new moon flash – Buffalo Daughter x the hatch”

    Thursday January 17, 2019
    FEVER, Tokyo
    7 PM door/ 7.30 PM show

    3300 yen advance/ 3800 yen door
    (Plus 600 yen drink fee collected at door)

    Buffalo Daughter
    the hatch

    Tickets on sale now:


    Tuesday September 4, 2018
    Venue: Moon Romantic (B1F, 4-9-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

    Door 6.30 PM/ Show 7.30 PM

    act : buffalo daughter / Tempalay

    adv. 3,300 yen / door 3,800 yen
    (Plus 1drink fee will be charged at door)

    Ticket on sale now at Peatix

    Info: Moon Romantic 03-5474-8115


    Buffalo Daughter presents: Hello, Wendy! vs METALCHICKS


    Buffalo Daughter presents: Hello, Wendy! 2nd album release party

    Thursday August 23, 2018
    Venue: Super Deluxe
    Open 6:30 PM / Start 7:30 PM
    Price adv. 3800 yen / door 4300 yen (plus drink order)

    Hello, Wendy! (Yumiko Ohno + Maika Loubté + Hitomi Azuma + Yui Neats, Guest: Asa-chang)
    METALCHICKS (suGarYoshinaga + Yuka Yoshimura)

    eplus and Peatix Tickets available Now!!
    Go to eplus link
    Go to Peatix link

    Gig at Mame Romantic (Tokyo) confirmed!

    25th anniversary year means lot more shows and tours this year.
    First off is one-band show at Mame Romantic (Daikanyama, Tokyo) on April 13!

    Friday April 13, 2018
    Mame Romantic (Daikanyama, Tokyo)
    Door 19:00 / Show 20:00

    Adv. 4,400 yen (ticket only)/ 4,900 yen (ticket + souvenir*)
    Door 4,900 yen (ticket only)
    Plus one drink order

    *exclusive artist goods (small item, TBA)

    Ticket will be on sale on March 10
    e plus on sale at 10 AM
    Email reservation 0 AM
    Phone reservation 3 PM

    Monthly BD Special – Gig in the hot night of Tokyo!

    We are happy to announce our Tokyo show is confirmed in August.
    This will be the special spinoff from Monthly Buffalo Daughter series. Come witnessing our new experimentation and Forests, the band from Taiwan.

    Tuesday August 22, 2017
    Moon Romantic
    door 6.30 PM / show 7.30 PM

    Forests (from Taiwan)
    Buffalo Daughter

    adv. 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen
    (plus one drink fee at door)

    Ticket reservation (Japanese only):

    Info: Moon Romantic


    suGar and Yumiko join Fernando Kabusacki Session Live

    KABUSACKI JAPAN TOUR 2017 omotesuGar and Yumiko join one of Fernando Kabusacki’s Japan Tour 2017 dates.

    Fernando Kabusacki Japan Tour 2017 (Japanese)
    Date: Wednesday May 17, 2017
    Venue: Powers 2, Motosumiyoshi
    6 PM Door / 8 PM Show
    ADV 3000 yen/ DOOR 3500 yen

    Fernando Kabusacki(Gt)
    suGar Yoshinaga(Gt:Buffalo Daughter)
    Yumiko Ohno(Bass:Buffalo Daughter)
    Takashi Numazawa(Drs:シアターブルック、etc..)
    Yuji Katsui(Vln:ROVO、etc..)
    Naoyuki Uchida(FOH Mix)

    TEL 044-455-0007
    MAIL powers_two@ybb.ne.jp
    WEB http://www.powersbar.com/
    21-5 Kizuki Sumiyoshi-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki 211-0021


    Billboard Live Osaka show confirmed! (Guest: ASA-CHANG)

    Long time no see, Osaka, but we’re psyched to announce Billboard Live Osaka show on December 28.
    Atsushi Matsushita on drums, special guest ASA-CHANG on percussion and trumpet, and Zak on FOH, the best members to complete the year 2016. See you all in Osaka!

    Buffalo Daughter with ASA-CHANG
    Wednesday December 28, 2016
    Venue: Billboard Live Osaka

    1st show 5:30 PM door/ 6:30 PM show
    2nd show 8:30 PM door/ 9:30 PM show

    Service area 5500 yen
    Casual area 4500 yen

    Ticket on sale:
    11 AM November 4
    (11 AM October 28 for CLUB BBL member)

    Info: Billboard Live Osaka
    Buffalo Daughter with ASA-CHANG (Japanese)
    Club information in English.


    Avant Art Festival in Poland confirmed

    We’re happy to announce Buffalo Daughter is confirmed for Avant Art Festival in Poland this October!

    Avant Art Festival: Japan edition (in Wroclow, Poland)
    October 4th to 9th, 2016
    Music / Film / Theatre

    Check back for more information.


    ARTO LINDSAY JAPAN 2016 w/Buffalo Daughter

    Buffalo Daughter is confirmed on the fourth night of Arto Lindsay’s 5 Days event on September 1st, at Mame Romantic, Daikanyama.


    [Mame Romantic 10th Anniversary] ARTO LINDSAY JAPAN 2016
    ARTO LINDSAY w/Buffalo Daughter

    Thursday September 1, 2016
    Open 7PM/ Door 8PM

    Advance 6,000 yen (ticket only)/ 6,500 yen (with goods)
    Door 6,500 yen (ticket only)

    This is Tatami floor event. (no shoes on the floor)
    Admission by ticket number. (priority admission for 5-day/ 3-day ticket holders)

    Ticket with goods includes special small item with original artist logo/design.

    Tickets are on sale now exclusively at e-plus

    Multiple day tickets are available at Mame Romantic email/phone reservation
    5-Day ticket 25,000 yen(with goods)
    3-Day* ticket 16,000 yen(with goods)* Please pick the dates
    Please pay on the first day.

    Mame Romantic

    New show confirmed: Theatre Brook 30th Anniversary Event

    Tickets on sale at June 11, 1PM

    why can’t we live together 
    - Theatre Brook 30th Anniversary EventSEASON2 -

    Day 1
    Venue: The GARDEN (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)
    Date: Saturday July 16, 2016
    DOOR: 6:30 PM/ SHOW 7 PM


    Admission: adv.4,000 yen / door 4,500 yen
    (plus 1 drink order)

    2-day* tickets available 7,500 yen plus 1 drink order
    *Buffalo Daughter plays on on Day1

    Info: GARDEN Shimokitazawa 03-3410-3431

    THEATRE BROOK official website http://www.theatrebrook.com/
    BUFFALO DAUGHTER official website http://www.buffalodaughter.com/


    Show updated – KURUU CREW release live

    New show confirmed in April.

    Friday April 29, 2016 (national holiday)
    KURUUCREW presents『KURUUCREW』release party!!!
    Buffalo Daughter
    and more!!

    OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30
    ADV ¥3300 (+1drink) / DOOR ¥3800 (+1drink)
    ※1dirink ¥600

    Ticket on sale on Saturday March 19!!

    Lawson Ticket (L code: 75294)

    Yumiko & suGar join Fernando Kabusacki Japan Tour 2016

    The guitarist/ composer Fernando Kabusaki is coming from Buenos Aires this year again!
    Yumiko and suGar will join the session with Yuji Katsui (Rovo) on violin, Takashi Numazawa (Theatre Brook) on drums and Naoyuki Uchida on FOH/dub mix.
    Don’t miss this one-night-only session!

    FERNANDO KABUSACKI and Friends Super Session #2
    Thursday April 14, 2016
    Restaurant & Bar POWERS2, Motosumiyoshi

    Fernando Kabusacki (Guitar), Takatshi Numazawa (Drums), Yumiko Ohno (Bass from buffalo daughter), suGar Yoshinaga (Guitar from buffalo daughter), Yuji Katsui (Violin) and Naoyuki Uchida (Mix)

    open 18:00 start 20:00  
    Adv. 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen

    Reservation: 044-455-0007

    Japan 2016 Flyer Japanese

    2016’s kick off one-band show w/ LEO IMAI

    Our kick-off one-band show in 2016 is on tatami dance floor at Mame Romantic, Daikanyama.
    With special guest Leo Imai, we’ll play some special songs we’ve never played before.

    Friday February 26, 2016
    Daikanyama Mame Romantic (Japanese only)
    6:30 PM Door/ 7:30 PM Show

    Tickets on sale now! (Email & phone reservation also available)
    4500 yen with souvenir/ 4000 yen without
    (one drink order at door)

    Box office: e+ (Japanese only)
    Email reservation: http://mameromantic.com/?p=85
    Phone reservation: 03-5456-8880

    Ed Tsuwaki live painting + BD improvisational set w/ Hiromichi Sakamoto (cello)

    Ed Tsuwaki Atelier Temporary W2016 Opening Event

    BD joins Ed Tsuwaki’s live painting and plays improvisational set with avant-garde cellist Hiromichi Sakamoto

    Saturday January 23, 2016
    7 PM to 10 PM

    At Content Restaurant (inside Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)

    adv. 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen
    (plus drink order)

    Live painting: Ed Tsuwaki
    Bass, electronics: Yumiko Ohno
    Guitar: suGar Yoshinaga
    Drums: Atsushi Matsushita
    Cello: Hiromichi Sakamoto
    PA: zak

    Ticket reservation: content@garlands.jp

    2015’s last gig at Ebisu Liquid Room

    Mitsume presents WWMM
    Sunday December 20, 2015
    Door 2PM /Show 3PM
    adv 4800 yen*/ door 5300 yen*
    *one drink fee at door

    Free Mitsume Live CD “mitsume archives 00″ for advanced ticket purchasers

    Mitsume / Buffalo Daughter** / group_inou / Sham Cats / The Natsuyasumi Band /mmm / Yomeiri Land / PunPunCircle / Nineteen

    **Buffalo Daughter go on at around 6.30 PM

    Mitsume☆dee jays / COMPUMA / MINODA / G-boys

    Event URL

    Sakuraza (Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan) one-man show confirmed

    Our last one-man show of 2015 is confirmed at Sakuraza in Kofu, Yamanashi.
    Come dance and head-bang to Buffalo Daughter then enjoy beautiful autumn leaves and wineries around!

    Saturday November 21, 2015
    Sakuraza (Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan)
    6 PM door/ 7 PM show
    (Opening act: electronica musician Kei Kurahashi)
    Adv. 3800 yen/ Door 4300 yen
    (age under 15 accompanied by adults is free)

    Ticket reservation available by email
    Advanced ticket: e+


    Kobe show confirmed (this weekend!)

    Last minute annouce – Kobe show has been confirmed at nagomibar!
    Opener is sough-after electronics artist, Takuto Shiromaru.
    Don’t miss out this special Saturday showcase!

    Saturday October 24, 2015
    nagomibar (ex Sannomiya SONIC)
    Yamashita Bldg., B1F, 1-13-7 Yamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
    Open/start 7 PM
    Adv 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen
    (Plus 1 drink fee)

    Advanced ticket is online/ email reservation only.
    Go to bdkobe.shoegaze.jp (Japanese) or email to bdkobe@shoegaze.jp with your name and number of the tickets you want.


    Quattro tour with Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

    GUEST:Buffalo Daughter

    Wednesday October 21, 2015
    Shibuya Quattro -> access
    6.30 PM door/ 7.30 PM show
    Adv 4,000 yen / Door 4,500 yen (plus 500 yen drink fee at door)
    Info: Shibuya Quattro 03-3477-8750

    Friday October 23, 2015
    Umeda Quattro -> access
    6 PM door/ 7 PM show
    Adv 4,000 yen / Door 4,500 yen (plus 500 yen drink fee at door)
    Info: Shimizuonsen 06-6357-3666

    Tickets (Japanese site):
    Ticket Pia
    Lawson Ticket


    STEREO RECORDS 10th ANNIVERSARY (Hiroshima) show has been confirmed!

    Sunday October 25th
    Venue : Hiroshima Club Quattro
    w/moriwa ikiteiru

    Adv 3,800 yen*/ door 4,300 yen*
    *Plus one drink fee 500 yen at door

    Info: Hiroshima Club Quattro 082-542-2280

    One-man show in Tokyo

    Buffalo Daughter one-man show in Tokyo

    Thursday July 30, 2015
    Mame Romantic (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

    Guest: ASA-CHANG

    Open 6.30 pm/ show 7.30 pm

    Adv 4000 yen*/ door 4500 yen*
    * Plus one drink fee 600 yen at door

    Ticket reservation at Mame Romantic:
    Call 03-5456-8880 or
    go to ticket reservation page (only in Japanese)

    Advanced ticket available also at e-plus

    More info: 03-5456-8880

    Super Deluxe with MAHANYAWA (from Indonesia)

    Wednesday May 20, 2015
    MAHANYAWA 2 DAYS: bands!! (Day 1)
    Senyawa with Kazuhisa Uchihashi and bands

    Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
    Price adv. 3300 yen / door 3800yen / 2DayTicket 6000yen (plus drink)
    If you’d like a 2-day ticket please contact through the Super Deluxe INQUIRIES page.
    Priority admission for 2day pass holder

    MAHANYAWA (Senyawa with Kazuhisa Uchihashi)
    Buffalo Daughter
    Altered states
    Tetsuya Nagato

    Ticket reservation (Super Deluxe website)

    Parachute Session 2015 at Aoyama Tsukimiru

    Tuesday (holiday) May 5, 2015
    Buffalo Daughter × Yasei Collective

    Tsukimiru Kimiomou, Aoyama
    OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00
    adv. 3000yen / door. 3500yen (one drink fee at door)

    Ticket on sale:Friday March 27

    What is Parachute Session?
    There will be no set list for this unusual and unique showcase.
    Two bands will be set up on the audience floor facing each other. One band will play one song, then the other will play one song, then the first band will play one song, then the other… this will go all the way to the end.
    Audience will be surrounding the bands witnessing this thrilling show.

    Super Deluxe (Tokyo) show

    Makoto Ori presents: Hallo Excentrico!!!

    Friday March 13th, 2015
    19:00 Open/19:30 Show
    adv 3000 yen/ door 3500 yen (+drink)

    3-1-25, B1F
    Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    TEL 03-5412-0515

    Act :
    Francis (exTHE COLLECTORS)
    ※Support G/Masayuki Ishi (TICA), Per,Tp/ Hidero Nishioka
    CANVAS BAND (Shinya Kogure/HICKSVILLE + Kohei Kondo)

    Masaki Mori (EGO-WRAPPIN’)
    Duck Rock

    Ticket reservation and information www.sdlx.jp/2015/3/13

    La Mama (Shibuya) show with The Novembers confirmed

    Play Vol. 17

    Date: Sunday January 18, 2015

    Venue: La Mama (access in Japanese)

    Door 5.30 PM/ show 6 PM

    Adv. 3500 yen/ door 4000 yen

    (plus 1 drink order at the door)

    Tickets are on sale now.

    Lawson L-72947


    We Are All Konjacted Tour Final in Fukuoka

    We Are All Konjacted Tour in Fukuoka
    Saturday December 20, 2014
    Venue: Fukuoka Beat Station
    Door: 7 PM/ show: 7.30 PM
    Guest: Manners (Mai Mishio Vo, G/ Chiyo Kamekawa B/ Reisaburo Adachi Dr/ Mitsuo Sakaguchi Key)

    Lawson Ticket L code: 89223 Phone: 0570-084-008
    Ticket Pia P code: 243-569 Phone: 0570-02-9999

    Big Mountain Music Festival in Thailand

    Big Mountain Music Festival 2014 in Thailand

    Sunday December 7, 2014
    BD goes on from 23:45 at Harn Stage

    More info: http://www.bigmountainmusicfestival.com

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bigmountainmusicfestival?ref=br_tf

    Deerhoof Tokyo show

    Tuesday December 2, 2014
    Venue: UNIT, Tokyo
    Open: 6 PM/ Show: 7 PM

    Buffalo Daughter、Yurumerumo! with JOJO Hiroshige & Hakoniwa no Shitsunaigaku

    Ticket: Adv. 3,800 yen/ Door 4,300 yen
    (tax included/ one drink order at door)

    Ticket: Lawson (L:78643), e+

    Info: UNIT 03-5459-8630

    Taipei – LOBO JAM 蘿蔔節 at Legacy

    November 29, 2014
    LOBO JAM 蘿蔔節

    Venue: Legacy (Taipei, Taiwan)
    Ticket: 750 to 1000元

    Two-day event presented by White Whabbit Records. Two-day tickets are also available.

    November 29
    Shimmer Riot, 驢子耳朵, 雀斑, MassMan, Swirrl, 白目, 黑狼+葛洛力, VARO, 仙樂隊, Buffalo Daughter

    November 30
    柳葉魚, Sodium, 橙草, 聲子蟲, 既視感, 優雅逆轉, SELFKILL, 2HRs, 薄荷葉, ZZZs

    Timetable and more information:

    Tickets are on sale now:

    Announcement regarding MoOoG Yamamoto’s absence from Buffalo Daughter’s “We are all Konjacted” tour

    Dear Friends of Buffalo Daughter,

    We regret to inform you that due to health reasons, MoOog Yamamoto will not be participating in the upcoming “Konjac-tion” new-album release tour. We understand that this may be disappointing for many fans, but would like to ask for your understanding.

    The Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka performances will feature suGar Yoshinaga (g, vo, tb-303, tr-606), Yumiko Ohno (b, vo, electronics), and Atsushi Matsushita (Drum), as planned.
    The Tokyo performance will feature the added guest percussion of Kosmas Kapitza.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support!!

    Konjac-tion release party – We Are All Konjac-ted

    Buffalo Daughter New Album 『Konjac-tion』release tour ーWe are all Konjactedー

    11/6 (thu) Osaka UMEDA SHANGRI-LA
    open 19:00 / start 19:30
    Advance : ¥4,200

    Info : SMASH WEST : 06-6535-5569

    11/7 (fri) Tokyo SHIBUYA WWW
    open 18:30/ start 19:30
    Advance : ¥4,200

    Info : SMASH 03-3444-6751

    12/20 (sat) Fukuoka FUKUOKA BEAT STATION
    open 19:00 / start 19:30
    Advance : ¥3,780

    Info : BEA 092-712-4221

    V-Rox 2014 in Vladivostok

    V-Rox 2014
    August 29 to 31, 2014
    Check back at their website for more update.

    V-Rox 2014 poster

    V-Rox 2014 poster

    Fuji Rock Festival 2014

    Fuji Rock Festival 2014
    BD plays for Sunday Session at Red Marquee stage on July 27 from 11 PM.

    The Great Escape!

    BD will appear on the music festival “The Great Escape” @ Brighton, UK in May!!

    schedule is below

    QUEENS HOTEL 10th May 2014 3:00pm – 3:30pm
    THE HOPE 10th May 2014 11:15pm – 12:00am

    Please check it out!

    Brooklyn headliner show has confirmed!!

    Another Brooklyn show has confirmed!!
    Please check it out!

    Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY)
    Door 7:45 PM
    Show :10:00PM
    W/ The Suzan

    Buffalo Daughter returns to the U.S. Announces 2014 Tour Dates

    Buffalo Daughter makes their return to the U.S. for a tour that will include 8 cities in a span of 10 days.
    They will kick off their tour on March 4 in Minneapolis and wrap up at the renowned music and film festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. BD will also play w/ Cibo Matto at 5 venues.
    Along their tour, Buffalo Daughter will be hitting up cities including Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Brooklyn.

    [Buffalo Daughter -2014 U.S. Tour Dates ]
    March 4 (Tues)
    Turf Club
    Minneapolis, MN
    w/ Cibo Matto

    March 5 (Wednesday)
    Vaudeville Mews
    Doors 7PM / Show 8PM
    Des Moines, IA
    w/ Cibo Matto

    March 6 (Thursday)
    Lincoln Hall
    Chicago, IL
    w/ Cibo Matto

    March 7 (Friday)
    Club Café
    Doors 8PM / Show 9PM
    Pittsburgh, PA
    w/ Cibo Matto

    March 8 (Saturday)
    Brooklyn Bowl
    Doors 6PM / Show 8PM
    Brooklyn, NY
    w/ Cibo Matto

    Sunday March 9, 2014
    Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY)
    Door 7:45 PM
    Show 10 PM
    W/ The Suzan

    March 10 (Monday)
    Great Scott
    Doors 9PM / Show 9:30PM
    Allston, MA

    March 11 (Tuesday)
    8PM – 11PM
    Kingston, NY

    March 14 (Friday)
    Peelander-Fest 2014 @SXSW
    4:40PM~ 5PM
    Austin, TX

    March 14 (Friday)
    SXSW official show: Panache showcase
    23:05 – 23:45
    Hotel Vegas
    Austin, TX

    Facebook Event page:

    Check back for more updates!!!

    Two Buffalo Daughters (Yumiko and suGar) at Three

    shimokitazawa THREE 4th ANNIVERSARY

    Date: December 8, 2013
    Venue: Shimokitazawa Three

    Phew feat. Hisato Yamamoto
    Two Buffalo Daughters

    open / start 18:00 / 19:00
    adv / door 3000 / 3500 (+1d)

    ticket THREE / LAWSON TICKET L-79336

    Live with Hajime Tachibana!

    we’re playing at the event called “gyarariaproachia” with Hajime Tachibana, Keigo Oyamada and so on!

    2013.11.8 (fri)
    at VACANT
    18:30 open / 19:00 start

    Hajime Tachibana (Talk, vo, gu, sax)
    Buffalo Daughter【 suGar-(gu, vo)Yumiko(bass,organ vo) moOog(turntable, vo) 】
    Atushi Matsushita (electric drum)
    Kan Takagi(EMS)
    Fuyuki Yamakawa(Hormy)
    ROY Tamaki
    Keigo Oyamada

    reservation:booking@n0idea.com (VACANT)

    live at WASEDA University

    we’ll be playing at WASEDA uni. on 11/2(Sat).
    admission fee is FREE!
    please check it out!!

    【UBC-jam vol.27】
    11/2 (Sat)
    venue: WASEDA University Toyama campus memorial hall
    time:open 11:00 / start 12:00
    act:Buffalo Daughter / the telephones / Novoiski(Moonbug)
    admission fee: free ¥0
    more info:http://ubc-waseda.net/jam27/

    Tenka no Ken Live event (reminder)

    date: October 6 2013
    venue: Fuji Ashinoko Panorama Park Special Stage
    ticket: 2days 12,000/ 1day 7,000 yen

    More info: http://tenkanoken.jp/

    Japanese Invention Curated by Cornelius

    Tiger Translate presents Godung ภูมิใจเสนอ
    Japanese Invention

    Date: September 28, 2013
    Venue: Centerpoint Studio Soi Lasal

    Ichiko Aoba, Buffalo Daughter, Salyu x Salyu
    With Cornelius

    Tickets: Thai Ticket Major

    20th Anniversary LIVE STREAMING at JAMBORiii STATION!!

    we’re happy to announce JAMBORiii STATION will be streaming our 20th anniversary live @ UNIT!
    Please tune in JAMBORiii STATION on this Saturday!!(Japan Time 19:00)!!

    website: www.jamboriii.com
    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jamboriii
    Twitter:  @jamboriii_sta

    Tenka no Ken live event!

    we’re appearing on the stage of music event called “TENKA NO KEN”!!
    please come and see and enjoy nice ONSEN(hot spa)!

    venue:Fuji Ahinoko panorama park special stage
    ticket: 2days-12,000/ 1day-7,000

    Please check more info at here: http://tenkanoken.jp/

    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at UNIT TOKYO & Playbutton!

    we’re happy to announce the guest musicians for the anniversary live at UNIT!

    guest musicians are;
    KAKATO (ROY TAMAKI and CHINZA DOPENESS), Aiha Higurashi, Koresuke Arishima, Keigo Oyamada, Hajime Tachibana, Avec Avec and Kosmas Kapitza

    All the audience will get the Playbutton (which is the music digital Player ) which include the song from the live!! Playbutton was designed by HAJIME TACHIBANA

    More information : UNIT 03-5459-8630

    UNIT live ticket on sale today! & Special Guests


    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at UNIT Tokyo tickets are now on sale !
    and… we’re having special guests from the album “ReDiscoVer.” at the live!!!
    Please check it out!

    Guests are;
    KAKATO( TAMAKI ROY and CHINZA DOPENESS) / Aiha Higurashi (THE GIRL) / Koresuke Arishima(told) /
    Keigo Oyamada / Kosmas Kapitza / Hajime Tachibana / Avec Avec

    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at UNIT Tokyo
    date:2013/09/22(sun) open ;18:00 / start;19:00
    ticket fee(in adovance): 4,000yen(tax in/without drink) + special gift
    ticket on sale 2013/8/10 (Sat.)
    available at PIA(P:207-986)/LAWSON TICKET(L:78864)/e+
    (info)DAIKANYAMA UNIT 03-5459-8630

    more info: DAIKANYAMA UNIT

    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at UNIT Tokyo

    09/22 (Sun) Live event announced at Daikanyama UNIT!

    special guest will be appearing! special gift will be delivering at the venue. check it out

    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at UNIT Tokyo
    date:2013/09/22(sun) open ;18:00 / start;19:00
    ticket fee(in adovance): 4,000yen(tax in/without drink) + special gift
    ticket on sale 2013/8/10 (Sat.)
    available at PIA(P:207-986)/LAWSON TICKET(L:78864)/e+(info)DAIKANYAMA UNIT 03-5459-8630

    more info: DAIKANYAMA UNIT

    Buffalo Daughter X Keiji Itoh X Kosuke Kawamura

    Buffalo Daughter will appear on the Uplink event.

    bd will play for the music and art session event which is held by graphic designers, Keiji Itoh & Kosuke Kawamura. bd’s 7 inch reissue vinyls will be placed on the table, and both graphic artists will perform live paintings on those.
    Don’t miss it!!

    date:7/19 (Fri.)
    open:19:00 / start 19:30
    admission fee:reservation ¥3,000/ ¥3,300(include one drink and 7 inch vinyl, first 50 people only)
    more info. http://www.uplink.co.jp/event/2013/14139

    Live Update – Summer Sonic 2013 !


    【Summer Sonic 2013】
    Venue: Tokyo/QVC Marine Field & Makuhari Messe
    more info.:www.summersonic.com/2013

    Live update – in Kyoto!

    Buffalo Daughter 20th Anniversary Live at Kyoto Metro
    Sunday August 25
    Door 17:00/ Show 17:30


    Buffalo Daughter
    Desktop Error (from Thailand)
    Evade (from Macau)

    3,000 yen adv./ 3,500 yen door
    (drink fee charged at door)

    Tickets are on sale now
    Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 or 0570-02-9966 (P code: 202-767)
    Lawson Ticket (L code: 58360)

    For ticket reservation at the venue, email <ticket@metro.ne.jp

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